Mindy Adams, RN

Trinity’s Story


Trinity was born at Stanford Children’s Hospital (LPCH) with a severe heart defect called Hypo-plastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS). This heart defect is fatal if it is not corrected by a 3-stage surgery process or a heart transplant. We chose the 3-stage surgery in hope for Trinity to survive.

At 36 hours old, Trinity was wheeled into the O.R. for her 1st open heart surgery. Right before surgery, we found out from Trinity’s surgeon, Dr. Frank Hanley, that Trinity’s small birth size changed her previously better odds of 80% chance, to a 20% chance of survival.

At 1 week old, Trinity went into Cardiac arrest. Dr. Pirooz and Dr. Pettigrew massaged her heart for close to 4 hours before she was put on the ECMO bypass machine (which lived for her for 5 days).

After 3 open heart surgeries, 3 cardiac arrests, numerous infections, numerous lung collapse episodes, 8 bronchoscopey’s, 3 cardiac cathiderizations, 72 hour kidney failure, 3 failed attempts of getting her off the ventilator, tracheostomey surgery, gastric tube surgery, and 7 long emotional months of hard dedicated work from the staff in the hospital, Trinity was discharged on Sept. 9, 2002 and brought home for the first time in her short life. After being home for about 4 months, Dec. 31, 2002 Trinity went back into the PICU for 2 months fighting phenomnia. She was transferred to Children’s Recovery Center (CRC) on March 4, 2003.

Sept. 9 2003, being 19 months old Trinity’s lungs were strong enough to come off the ventilator. After having a trach for 22 months, May 6, 2004 Trinity’s trach was taken out. After 14 months of living at CRC, Trinity was discharged and brought home on Friday, May 14, 2004…exactly 27 month and 1 day old, and the “Healthiest” she’s ever been.

As of June 2002, Trinity was the smallest surviving HLHS child that Dr. Hanley had ever done. In fact, he did not know of a smaller surviving HLHS child in the world. Trinity spent 3 1/2 years at home with us and just thrived. Her little life was filled with so much happiness and love.

At 5 1/2 years old, Trinity went through her 4th open heart surgery on Thursday August 30, 2007 at LPCH. Being unable to recover from open heart surgery, our precious Trinity Melinda Adams passed away on Sunday Sept. 16, 2007. Our hearts are broken and tears continue to fall. We are honored and saddened to have our precious daughter, Trinity Melinda Adams, be our beautiful guardian angel. Trinity we love you dearly, we miss you so much, and we will be re-united as we are a family Together Forever!

Together Forever

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